Air Source Heat Pumps Range

Air Source Heat Pumps Range

Spire Renewables are fully accredited Samsung Air Source Heat Pump merchants, offering their full range of Air Source Heat Pumps at extremely competitive rates as part of our kits. The outdoor unit and indoor controller come with a full 7 year warranty, direct with the end user. We are a full Samsung service partner so are able to not just offer the unit, but also the technical support during the install and end user support after it including management of the warranty.

We also supply a pre-plumbed, pre-wired kit for the Viessmann 200-S range and for the Vaillant Arotherm units. These represent higher flow temperature air source heat pumps, suitable for the retrofit market in particular.

Samsung EHS Monoblock units (Gen 5) 5kW-16kW

The Samsung Eco Heating System utilises Inverter driven Compressor technology along with an electronic expansion valve to use the heat energy from the ambient air, which is a free and renewable energy source, for low cost heating and hot water production.

An efficient Heat Pump system provides efficient heating and domestic hot water throughout the year, even in ambient temperatures of -15 C.

The EHS Mono system utilises an outdoor unit, which combines the refrigerant and water circuits, removing the need for internal installation space. The compact size and low noise level of the outdoor unit provides an unobtrusive solution for domestic applications

Available in a range of 3 outputs to suit most domestic and small commercial applications, the EHS Mono system includes flexible control options and Hybrid capability, whereby the system can be used in conjunction with Solar and/or Boiler installations.

The simple to operate, sophisticated EHS controller is designed to maximise the use of renewable energy for even greater running cost savings, especially when compared to inefficient oil, gas or electric heating systems.

Spire Renewables will supply the air source heat pump packages to suit the target property. This means sizing the heat pump and hot water cylinder accurately to likely demands. We supply then a pre-plumbed, pre-wired and pre-programmed Fast Connect board to provide all of the control switchgear for heating and hot water, with a simply to follow 2 page manual taking care of the remaining installation components and commissioning.

Complete Underfloor heating packages or radiator systems can also be sized and supplied to ensure seamless system integration.

Samsung Eco Mono (Gen 5)  5kW  – 16kW marketing sheet: Click here for the Samsung Eco Mono (Gen 5)  5kW

Viessmann 200-S range

The Vitocal 200-S is a compact air to water heat pump equipped with the new user-friendly Vitotronic 200 control unit, allowing for easy to control and efficient weather compensated heating and advanced hot water temperature control. It comes in outputs of  8, 10 & 13kW. All units are supplied with a well insulated hot water cylinder  and a 50l buffer tank to allow for increased volume in the heating system and minimising the impact whilst the unit is de-frosting. The units come with 12m as standard of pre-insulated flexible copper refridgerant line to connect the internal and external units. This can be extended up to 30m if required.

The unit can be supplied pre-built if internal space allows or as a kit, where the units can be situated separately in convenient spaces across the property.

Our Kit comes with Including either assembled on a melamine backboard or in component form:

  • Suitably sized Viessmann 200-S internal Unit with pre-installed 3kW cartridge Heater
  • Matching Outdoor unit including 12.5m of insulated copper refridgerant line to link the two.
  • A  50l wall mounted steel buffer vessel suitable for un-vented systems with heating expansion vessel incl pressure gauge, discharge and cold mains fill set.
  • Heating Circulation Pump is supplied inside unit. Heating connections are either 22mm or 28mm  depending on unit output and the system comes with an easily cleanable heating return filter.
  • Suitably sized hot water cylinder for the property, connection sizes either 28mm or 22mm, a potable expansion vessel, T&P relief valve and Tundish.
  • Complete distribution board and quick connect electrical plugs. Electric meter included as part of the distribution board to monitor consumption. North facing sensor pack.
  • Complete Viessmann & Spire Renewables installation manuals, taking you step by step through installation and commissioning.

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