Hybrid Fast Connect

Hybrid Fast Connect

The Samsung Hybrid Fast Connect 

The UK’s only heat pump system that can be simply retro-fitted with any type of existing fossil fuelled heating system, whilst retaining the existing radiator system and boiler.

Many hybrid heat pump systems on the market require the replacement of the existing boiler system, or the upgrade of radiators as the boiler is required to run at lower flow temperatures set by the heat pump. Not any more… the Samsung Fast Connect Hybrid system is designed to work with both combi or system boilers.

We offer this product in kit form (as separate components) or as a pre-plumbed, pre-wired package enclosed in an IP55 waterproof cabinet. Both kits come with a modified, pre-wired and pre-programmed Samsung Controller, which comes with a 2-way switch enabling the end user to switch between hybrid mode and boiler only operation. Control wiring is as simple as a 5 core cable running from the heat pump controller to the boiler location.

Other equipment also supplied (either assembled or separate):

  • 40A 1ph Electricity Meter – RHI Compliant
  • Sontex Heat Meter – RHI Compliant
  • Wilo High Efficiency Circulation Pump
  • Isolatable Mechanical Strainer
  • Flush and Fill point with Flow Gauge
  • 2 x Non Return Valves
  • Automatic Bypass
  • Suitably Sized Samsung Air Source Heat Pump
  • Pre-insulated Flexi Hoses
  • Anti-Vibration Feet

Hybrid fast connect

The 800mm x 800mm x 300mm pre-plumbed enclosure comes with its own distribution board including RCD protection, Electricity meter and suitably sized MCB’s.

Contact us for more details and prices.

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